Karen King and the Dream Builders


Karen King and the Dream Builders

Chico, CA

Do not ask God to direct your steps unless you are willing to move your feet.

Cracker Jack I Story

I started my Mary Kay business in October of 04. I had a 10 month old son and had just returned back to work as a high school English teacher after 8 months off! Even though I only looked at my business as a way to earn a little extra shopping money/month, I quickly realized that this business could create a way for me to be able to stay home with my son and still be a main provider in my family.
8 months into my business, I earned my first career car, which gave me the confidence to leave that teaching job and give Mary Kay a real try. I did, and one year later I was a sales director and had earned that second career car.
Now, in only 5 and 1/2 years of business, I have earned my 3rd career car-working on the 4th, and have been able to double my teaching salary working half the time.
My Mary Kay business allows me to be both a stay at home mom-now of two beautiful boys- and a successful business woman who enriches the lives of other women. Thank you Mary Kay!


My favorite thing to do is curl up anywhere and cuddle with my kids. I also LOVE afternoon naps. : )


The War is Belief- Julius Henderson
Go, Getting Past Ready and Set- Julius Henderson
Who Moved My Cheese-Spencer Johnson
7th Decision- Julius Henderson


Currently Driving the Saturn Vue


June, 5th


Husband of 9 years- Darren King structural engineer

2 beautiful boys:
Aiden- incredibly intelligent 6 year old.
Asher- rough and tough but wonderfully loving 3 year old.


I have a passion for fabulous shoes.

Favorite Lipstick

Seet Nectar

Favorite Song

The Climb- Mylee Cyrus


Let's just say, I'm a fan.

Happiest When

playing with my children


Jesus Christ

Mary Kay Ash

Krystal Downey-Shada

My Dream

To be a National Sales Director and watch my children grow up with the Mary Kay philosophies and work ethic.


1 dog. Gunner, a cute little fluffy Havanese.

Places Visited

Costa Rica, Latvia, Thailand, India, Mexico.

Recently- Disneyland, Califiornia Adventures, and Lego land.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at this time...